Monday, August 16, 2010

5. Corpus Delicious (a novel): The Coffee Break and an Important Epiphany

The Coffee Break and an Epiphany

Lilithe meets Jason at the factory cafĂ© for Coffee, where he’s waiting for her in their favorite cubicle.

He is supine on the mini-altar, naked and ready. Next to him is an end table, with small dishes of cinnamon and nutmeg powder. A cone of Banana incense sizzles, the smoke swirling in upward spirals. He nods toward it: “A little joke.”

“Ha, ha. Very funny,” Lily says. “I only have 30 minutes.” She closes the door and undresses, carefully hanging her clothes on a hook, next to his.

“I have even less. So how did it go?” He reaches for her and pulls her on top of him.

“Expensive. I’ll tell you later.” She straddles his hips and starts rocking back and forth.

“Okay.” Jason licks her skin just beneath her breasts, but not quite touching them.

“Umm. I need this Coffee.”

Jason licks his finger and pokes it into the cinnamon dish. He outlines her lips with powder.

“Delicious,” she says.

“But do not ingest.”

“I will not ingest.”

Lily licks her finger and pokes it into the nutmeg dish. She outlines Jason’s lips.

“Delicious,” he says.

“You must not ingest.”

“I will not ingest.”

“May I touch you lip to lip?” he asks.

Lily can’t believe Jason’s impertinence–not part of this script. “Uh, umm, the time is not right.”

“Then let us touch tongue to tongue.”

“I accept a fleeting touch of your tongue to mine, but no more.”

“I am grateful. A fleeting touch is more than I could ever expect.”

Lily is alarmed at the turn of events; she has never thought of Jason as any more than just a Coffee Mate. But she offers him the tip of her tongue, a major pleasure spot, her secret and one of many when she’s alone.

Jason flicks the tip of his tongue against hers. “A-hh.”


In public, they could be fined for uttering this word, but it’s okay during private times such as this.

Lily continues rocking back and forth on Jason. She can feel his Horn of Plenty growing hard, but in all good time. He will just have to be late for whatever meeting.

“I will now paint my lips with powder.” Lily takes her fingertip into her mouth and wets it. She presses into the cinnamon bowl and paints her lips until they are brown. “I will lick my lips until they are pink again.”

“But do not ingest.”

“Not to worry, I will not ingest.”

As she licks her lips clean, the powder feels sweet and spicy in her mouth. How many times has she wished she just could swallow it? What would happen, really, if she swallowed? She is almost tempted to take that swallow, just to see what it would feel like having something other than A-hh sliding down her throat. But the consequences could be grave. She liked Jason well enough, but he was a company man and would probably report her.

So, like a good girl, she spits into the nutmeg dish. “I offer you the elixir of my juices.” She offers him the dish.

“And, with great honor, I accept.” He mixes the nutmeg with her saliva and paints his own lips until they are brown. “I will now lick my lips until they are pink again.”
I wonder if he also has the urge to swallow?
Once the brown is gone from his lips, Lily places nutmeg dish under his chin.

He spits into it.

She squeezes hard against him and rocks her bulb harder against his Horn of Plenty; then she takes his nutmeg and mixes it with her cinnamon.“I will now paint you with the spices of life and our meshed juices.” She dips her fingers into the bowl, places the bowl on the end table, and begins painting around his nipples, working her way toward his Horn of Plenty but not touching, never touching.

“A-hh, yes. Please don’t stop.”

Another off-script remark, but she must remain calm and not get all flustered. She must guide him back to the script and conclude today’s Coffee with her independence and his ego intact. “I must stop for now.”

“Yes, you should stop, and I should begin.”

She picks up the dish and offers it to him.

He places it on his chest and dips into it. “Now I will paint you.” He follows the script by painting all around her breasts but not touching her nipples and works his way toward her bulb and entry, painting all around, not touching...

“The body best understands pleasure when it is delayed,” Lily says.

“The body is best nourished through pleasure.”

Then his finger brushes against her bulb, not quite enough to pin blame, but too much to ignore.

The dish falls from his chest, hits the floor, and shatters.

She gently takes his hand and holds it against her face. “You must take care.”

“Yes, I was careless.”

As a reminder, Lily invokes a special incantation: “We will come, but then we must leave.”


“For this time only, I am yours, and you are mine.”

“Yes, for this time, you are mine, and I am yours.”

“I will ingest you.”

“I will fill you.”

“Today, I am Alpha.” She pins his arms down against the Mini-altar.

“I accept. I am Beta. I offer you the Horn of Plenty.”

“You may enter now.” She lifts up her body, opens her legs wide, and pushes down hard on him. “Linked, body to body...”

“...We are now one,” Jason says.

As Jason writhes beneath her, she sees only the Judge’s face, hears only his fateful words:
I see standing before me an unacceptably fat person.
But Lily knows the secret that no one will ever admit to in public: men love women with a little flesh to their bones–the proof is in the number of men seeking her company. She sees how men stare at her in public, the covert exchange of business cards, most of which she throws away, the fleeting touches by strangers. She understands the subtext of the Judge’s biting words:
If you are too greedy, we will have to hide you from polite society.
Perhaps the Judge was right: if she were a man, she would pursue Lily D’Adame and not stop until she won her. In fact, if she ever found another Lily, she would have to possess her, even at the risk of imprisonment.

But being Lily is a good thing, too, for she will never face rejection: any time she wants Lily, she can have her, to possess, to ravish, to love, to fill with her own pleasure. She knows and loves every curve and every lump of fat, hidden in secret, moist and warm places. She loves the way she touches herself and how easily she finds just the right pleasure spots and the exact pressure points, how she can bring herself to the brink of pleasure and then stop and then start all over again, and again, and again...why shouldn’t she bask in her own body and indulge in the worship of self?

As Jason jerks upward and pauses in that split second before a man possesses a woman (a fiction, of course), she realizes why she is so nervous about her Lunch Date with Adam H. Alvarez:

She must prove her worth, to demonstrate to him that fat is delicious and desirable and not worthy of all the laws against it. She would like to walk the streets freely without some cop writing up an illegal fat ticket, while dodging that same cop’s brush against her breasts.

More than that, she needs to feel Alvarez exploding beneath her body weight, succumbing completely to her fatness, losing all self-control, offering up his body to her.

Then beg for more...

Lily meets Jason’s upward thrust and consumes that which fills her...


To be continued...


Corpus Delicious is copyright 2009 - present (Jennifer Semple Siegel), and may not be reposted or republished without permission from the author.